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Limeade brings together a highly diverse set of people

The Limeade platform is about facilitating employee engagement in actions that meaningfully improve their well-being. This means being the wellness hub that ties people, health resources, and workplace together.

As a member of a small Design Team, it is my responsibility to guide the user experience of every aspect of the product, and think about how the interactions of vastly different user types intertwine.

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Hooking users into an experience

User Experience Design at Limeade is about more than creating beautiful interfaces. It’s about connecting people to the help they need. It’s about providing people with a service that they actually feel compelled to use. Everyone struggles with their well-being, and recognizes the need to better themselves, but it’s still difficult to take action. My job is to make taking action accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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Displaying feedback and outcomes

Health and well-being providers need to know what care they should focus on. Limeade’s meets this need by visualizing health risk trends, and highlighting areas of opportunity. My biggest passion at Limeade is helping improve these tools so that we can provide users with the best possible programs and engagement.